Åre - 2019

When Life Goes Downhill

In February my new friend Jenny and I went on a weekend trip skiing in Åre.  

It's very convenient going by plane from Arlanda -> Östersund and then by car to Åre. In practice you reach Åre in 2-3 hours which is great if you go for a weekend.

We stayed at Tott Hotell, which has one of Åre's best locations with a magnificent view of the mountains. Here you live next door to both the hill and the village. The hotel also offers a Gym and Spa, with a large indoor pool, treatment room & sauna. 

This time of year there is normally a lot of snow, but now there was extremely little snow, and very icy. It had rained quite a bit, which then froze, which made the surface quite tough to ride on.

So overall we were a bit unlucky with the weather and the surface. Only one of three days offered good skiing weather. But, besides the weather the trip was great.

What's best with Åre? 

Åre offers many good downhill mountains to ski on and "Åreskutan" is absolutely worth a visit. Åre is probably the best and most popular place in Sweden to ski.