Castelmola - 2023

Cloud Native

This small village above Taormina, one of the most beautiful Sicilian Villages in Italy, is a real natural terrace built around the ruins of a Norman castle which, over time, has taken on a soft concave shape, similar to that of a millstone (mola). It is therefore easy to guess the origin of the name, an immediate crasis of “Castle” and “Mola” [ref: Castelmola].

Castelmola is the small village that floats among the clouds if you stand down in Giardini Naxos. From the waitress at my hotel in Taormina I got a tips: "Pls visit Castelmola". So I did. I took my car along narrow and winding roads for some hours. The trip itself offers many fantastic views. Especially if you going "side track".. Which I did.. thought I got lost for a while.. However, many nice pictures were taken :)

Finally, on top of the world, I could enjoy a cup of coffee with a fantastic sea view. Here you get the feeling to stay rest of your life :) 

I took the opportunity to walk around the old town and view Etna from a close distance. Felt a little unreal that the volcano Etna is still active. As recently as 2017, it woke up. And now I am here, very close.. 

What's best with Castelmola ? 

I would say the view, the old town and being able to study Etna up close.