Cyprus - 2018 

In 50 years present my mother invited me to Cyprus. Me, my mother and cusin stayed at Carina Hotel for two weeks. The hotel is located about 1 kilometer from the popular Nissi Beach in Agia Napa. 

These two weeks were truly amazing. The sky was blue shining every day and it was extremely hot for the season (September). 

The hotel is small and familiar which gives you the opportunity to meet other guests around the pool/bar. 

Everyday the hotel owner playd "Tired of Being Sorry" by the pool (Enrique Inglesias). From that day, everytime i hear that song i get deja vu :)

At Carinas I also meet Carin from Switzerland and we become firends. We where biking, swimming in the blue ocean, visit Hard Rock Cafe and museum, amusement park, restaurang, pubs, boat trip and more.  

What's best about Cyprus and Aya Napa?

The people are very kind and friendly, Cyprus have an interesting history. The weather is fantastic. The ocean is cristal blue and it is fantastic walking along the beaches and boulevards in the sunset, it's absolutely magical.

If you like Greece and/or Turkey, Cyprus is the best mix between :)
Also, if you like crystal blue water you definitely should go there.