Fuerteventura - 2022 


January, back to Fuerteventura and Playitas and another training camp. This time Lena came along, she needed some peace of mind, sun and start training as well. What could be better than Playitas. 

Thanks Lena for making this trip amazing and filled with good conversations.

Playitas also offers bungalows with a private pool, it was amazing. Jumping into the pool after 2 hours of hill walking is a "liberating" feeling :)

The first week was unusually nice
but the second was real bad. The island was visited by Calima :(  

A Calima raises the temperature and creates a hazy vista. The severity varies quite a bit and a bad one can reduce visibility a fair amount. During a Calima everything gets covered in a fine dust and it can be bad news for those with respiratory problems.

What's best about Fuerteventura and Playitas?

As mention before, Playitas offers a wide range of training opportunities and a wonderful nature experience.