Lake Garda - 2022

Mountains Are Calling

After one week in Amalfi Coast I went up nort to Garda Lake.

With its breathtaking panoramic views and natural beauty, Lake Garda is always a fabulous holiday destination at any time of the year and a magnet for the rich and famous. And now even me :)

The trip from Amalfi Coast -> Sirmione took about 6 h. It's a beautiful road to head, especially in the beginning over the maintains, nearby Neapel.

I stayed for 6 days at Residence Bianca in Sirmione. Bianca residence has peaceful garden with an outdoor pool where I used to meditate and just relax (see Buddha statue).  

At Sirmione it was the first time since Rügen that I picked up the bike. Finally there were nice cycle paths along the beautiful lake. Sirmione is such a calm and harmonious atmosphere filled with beautiful buildings and architecture, definitely a must-visit place. 

What's best with Sirmione and Lake Garda? 

I would say the view to the lake and the mountains behind, that is just amazing.
The harmonious atmosphere and the beautiful buildings and architecture.

Also the nice cycle paths along the beautiful lake make a difference :)