Gotland - 2019

The Lighthouse

In june my friend Thord introduced me to Gotland and Fårö. He had rented accommodation at the Lighthouse at Fårö so I followed.

The lighthouse is not open to the public, but this time it was a guy we had as a neighbor who worked at the Maritime Administration who was going to climb the lighthouse to read the readings that were collected (for some reason). They asked me to come along which I did :)

The lighthouse is about 30 meter high and offers a great view. 

Me and Thord where biking a lot which is a nice way to "look-around" so to speak.  Thord had been at Gotland/Fårö so many times before so showed me around the island as well.

What's best with Fårö? 

The lighthouse, the sea, views and it's nature. Fårö also has an interesting history, especially the military history.