Fårö - 2021 

In Bergman's footsteps

In September I went back for the third time to Fårö, Gotland. Fårö is the place where I can find some peace of mind. When life gets tough or when you worked har for a long period of time, Fårö is the place for reload your body & soul :) Biking, walking , paddle tennis and gym are the standing prescription.

Walking from Fårö lighthouse along the coast is something that can be highly recommended. The nature is fantastic and the sound of the sea makes you relaxed. 

Another "must seen" is the south-west part of the island called Langhammars Forest Park . This is the place where you meet the "Raukarna" along the coastline. Please visit Langhammars Nature Reserve at evening time and you will experience a fantastic sunset you never forgett. 

The English Cemetery and ryssneset on the southern part of the island are worth a visit. As with all strange names, there is an explanation. The Crimean War was fought from 1853-1856 between Russia on and an alliance of Great Britain and France.

During this time, both the English and French fleets used Fårösund as a naval base and in 1854 cholera broke out. Those who died were both commanders and crew. The crew was sunk into the sea while the commanders were buried on Ryssudden at this site which has 27 small burial mounds.

What's best about Fårö ?

If you want a combination of "peace of mind", fantastic nature and sunsets, follow Ingemar Bergman's footsteps as well, Fårö is the place for you. 

Thanks Jenny for hard and tough matches :)