Lindau - 2023

Bernadotte Was Here

Visiting Lindau in early spring can be recommended. Quiet with tourists while flowers and trees are in full bloom. Lindau has a lot to offer. Activities such shopping, water, leisure, parks, gardens, arts, culture and more.  

The Lindau's harbor entrance is a faomues one. A must seen. The ensemble of the Bavarian lion and lighthouse, which has been photographed countless times, is the city’s landmark. 

Lindau is in itself a great cultural and historical attraction. The old town with narrow alleys is exciting and beautiful to explore on foot. Regaring historical attraction, in Lindau opposite the train station, there is a house named after the Swedish prince and count, Lennart Bernadotte :) 


What's best with Lindau, Bodensee? 

I would say Lindau's harbor entrance and Alpenwildpark Pfänder is a must seen. The unique panorama of Lake Constance and 240 Alpine peaks of Austria, Germany and Switzerland make Pfänder the most famous lookout point of the region.