Parga - 2022  


My mother recommended Parga. So I decided to go there after two weeks in Santorini. The trip from Athen to Parga went off first of may, which means Bank holiday so ALL Athenians were going out of town. Ie it was huge trafic stocks :)

I could never dream how beautiful the western part of Greece would be. The drive from Athen to Parga was outstanding, so beautiful.

On my way to Parga I passed the famous Rion-Antirion bridge, just amazing.

I stayed in Parga for 14 days. One week at Altanahouse and one week at Salvator Hotel.  You could say Salvator Hotel was more of a castle with your own swimming pool and fantastic garden. For once, I can say I having bathed early in the year :) 

The staff were also exceptionally nice I must say. They even gave me a birthday present. A memory for life. Thanks Noimi !

Parga is a typical small nice Greek town on the mainland. The city has a historic castle from the middle ages and offers nice walking paths along the crystal blue water.    

What's best with Parga?

I think, and I'm only speaking for myself, Parga is best in May or September when it's not so crowded. If you want some peace of mind and just have a vacation, relax, enjoy life, recharge, Parga is the place for you I would say.