Rügen - 2022 

Part of the roadtrip 2022, stop 1

The trip went from Uppsala - > Trelleborg -> Rostock - > Rügen. 

TT-Line has nice cabins so I could sleep and recharge a bit :)

Rügen has a fantastic nature, views and its open landscape, the green fields, remind you of the old Microsoft Windows wallpaper.

I stayd for 6 days at Precise Resort Rügen which offers you both hotel rooms and appartments. I stayd in a 2-room appartment with own kitchen. 

I arriaved at the end of march so still pretty cold in the area. One day I visit Prora which i must say, was very interesting from a historical perspective. You really felt the historic wing beats, the "feeling" was in the walls, so to speak (burr).

What's best with Rügen?

The nature is so unique and special. For those interested in history, Prora is a must-visit place. If you like medieval cities and architecture as well as its history, the island is also worth visiting.