Rügen - 2022 

Early Bird

At the end of March 2022, I went on a European road trip that started in Rügen. The exact final destination was pretty much unknown but I had set my sights on Santorini as a first main goal so to speak. When going to the south of Europe I would recommend go by a ferry such TT-Line. The have nice cabins so you can sleep and recharge a bit if needed.

Rügen has a fantastic nature, views and its open landscape, the green fields, remind you of the old Microsoft Windows wallpaper (For Those About to doing some IT)  :) 

I stayd for 6 days at Precise Resort Rügen which offers you both hotel rooms and appartments. I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen which was very comfortable. Here were all the facilities.. 

d of march so still pretty cold in the area. I was hope for a Early Bird but didn't :(  Nevertheless..

.. One day I visit Prora which i must say, was very interesting from a historical perspective. You could really could tough the wall of history, burr.  Back then, holiday homes for German soldiers, today luxurious residences. 

What's best with Rügen?

The nature is so unique and special. For those interested in history, Prora is a must-visit place. If you like medieval cities and architecture as well as its history, the place is worth visiting. The place is perfect for those who want an active holiday. As people like me :)