Santorini - 2022

Part of the roadtrip 2022, stop 2

The trip went from Rügen - > Berlin-> Prag - > Bratislava -> Budapest (stayed one night) -> Belgrad -> Skopje -> Thessaloníki -> Athen -> Pireus. 

From Budapest -> Pireus took 18 h. It was really hard.. really tough. It was important to stay awake at all times. So listened to a lot of audio books, had a digital meeting with friends, it helped to keep me awake. It was nice to finally arrive in Athens and the ferry, at 06:00 in the morning, to then be able to sleep on the boat all the way to Santorini (8h). The boat was called Blue Star btw.

I stayed at Santorini Palace Hotel for 14 days. The hotel has a fantastic view to the seaside. The island is famous for its fantastic sunsets, something you easally could enjoy from the hotel balcony.

The rooms are very nicely decorated and the standard is high for being in Greece :) The stuff also vary nice, could talk with them for hours. 

The hotel is located in Thira which is 1 hour walk from famous Oia. You can walk along the 2volcany backbone" which is absolutely fantastic, huge views out over the sea. This cannot be described, must be experienced. Since I was there early in April, I got to see how all the plants andflowers were about to bloom. 


What's best with Santorini and Thira?

I must say these sunsets and all the amazing views of the sea, these are outstanding. Even the landscape itself is interesting and somewhat reminiscent of other volcanic islands such as Fuerteventura etc.

Did you know that 90% of all Greek postcards are taken from Thira/Oia. It is easy to understand when you have been there.